Thursday, March 12, 2009

W7talk - Pay per post forum

WANT TO JOIN : W7TALK - Pay per post forum

W7Talk is a Pay per post forum that is running with $0.03 per new thread and $0.02 per new post as a standard base rate.
There are frequent promotions, competitions where you can get more than these standard payment rates for pay per post.
Ways you can earn in W7talk -
* Earn $0.25 for referring a new user to!
* After every 14 day activity review, all active members recieve a $0.50 bonus!
* Weekly competitions give our users the chance to win upto an additional $5.00.
* The w7Talk staff team actively moderate all content, and if they believe you are posting at a particular high quality, they may allocate your account a “Quality Bonus” of upto $2.00.

For a referral to be deemed active, they must have been registered on the forums for at least 24 hours and additionally they must have made a minimum of 2 posts. Once the 2 or more posts have been made, providing the user registered over 24 hours ago, your account will be credited $0.25.

w7Talk Premium Membership - 1 month only - $5
Becoming a w7Talk premium member entitles you to higher payment for every thread and post you make, aswell as many other benefits!
1. Earn $0.06/thread instead of the basic $0.03 rate.
2. Earn $0.04/post instead of the basic $0.02 rate.
3. Faster payouts! We process premium members cashout requests within 48 hours!

Minimum payout : $10


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